Shipping and returns

The goods are generally sent within 20 days of receipt of payment and are sent by specialized courier.

Street-level shipping costs are free and include management, packaging and all-risk insurance charges.

The boxes are adequately sized and your items are well protected.

Normally the transporter collects on Friday to deliver starting from the middle of the following week.

Please note that delivery may take one or two weeks.

The delivery date also depends on external circumstances such as road size, adverse weather conditions and transport disruptions.

In any case, you will be contacted by the carrier to make arrangements for the date and time of delivery.

Check the condition of the goods in the presence of the transporter (he cannot refuse to wait). You will need an electric screwdriver to open the wooden case that contains the table top. It is a simple operation that will take only 5 minutes.

- If the check has been carried out in the presence of the transporter and the goods are damaged, please refuse it and immediately write us an email to

Please also justify the refusal by writing "damaged" on the transport document. We will replace the damaged goods for free as soon as possible.

- If the check has not been carried out in the presence of the carrier, we will not assume any responsibility and you will not be entitled to a free replacement of the damaged goods.

Please be informed that lifting and moving the table top will require min. 2 people
depending on its weight and size (see the section “more info” in the product page on our site).

To assemble the table please follow the easy instructions that you will find in the wooden crate.

Our items are high-quality made in Italy of true marble.
Although our tables are processed with special products that slows down the absorption of liquids and
reduces the risk of stains, substances such as water, wine, lemon, coffee, beverages and food may produce
permanently stains on the table top if they are not removed immediately.
We therefore suggest using a plastic transparent tablecloth during meals to avoid any damages to the table
Clean the table top with a wet cloth water only.